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How To Improve Your Company’s Cyber Security In 2023

One of the main concerns of a company is cyber security. It is something that some companies forget, including large organisations and governing bodies around the world.

If you know your company doesn’t have a strong defence against cyber-attacks, there are a few things you can do to keep your business safe and secure.

Educate Your Employees On Cyber Security

One of the most important things you can do with your staff is train them. That includes how to use your system as well as keep themselves secure from cyber attacks. Phishing is a common cyber attack however, some people don’t know how to differentiate this from an email within the business. All it needs is for the domain to be slightly different, with poor-quality logos and spelling mistakes. Make your employees aware of the possible cyber attacks that can occur inside your business.

Create Strong Passwords For Your Employees

Something else you must encourage with your employees is strong passwords. When they start working for your company, give them a very complex password that is more of a one-time thing. Then, when they create their account, make sure that their password contains symbols, capital upper-case and lower-case letters as well as numbers. That way, the password is complex and people outside the organisation will find it difficult to gain access to any accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is another great way to keep your company secure. It is you confirming that a purchase is about to be made, you or are trying to access the account on a different device. It is common on platforms such as PlayStation and Gmail. It can also be common with accounts that manage expenses.

Keep Everything Up-To-Date

Another way to keep your company secure is by keeping everything updated. Companies that own and manage software will often release updates to patch bugs or improve their security. For example, Sony released an update when the PlayStation servers were hacked. This then required the users to log back into their account and create a 2-factor authentication for their account.

Vulnerability Assessment

Something else you need to do with your company is getting a cyber security team to complete a vulnerability assessment on your company. This will be able to find anything that is a cause for concern with your company, leaving you at risk of a cyber-attack.

Don’t Forget About Impersonation

Impersonation is another common cyber attack that you need to be wary of and we touched on this earlier. If you are a person with authority within the company, people will need to be aware of hackers trying to impersonate you.

To Conclude

If you own a business or you have high authority in a company, you must be aware of the cyber risks for your company. Furthermore, you need to ensure you keep everybody well-educated in the business to ensure that their accounts are safe. 

Another way to ensure that your company is well secure is to have a business cyber security team at the helm of security. They will be able to reduce the number of cyber attacks on your company, as well as find the main cause for them.