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Situations When Loan Restructuring Might Not Be A Good Idea

Repaying a loan, especially when facing a financial crisis, becomes challenging. This is why lenders allow you the option of restructuring your loan.

Restructuring the loan means changing the loan terms to make it easier to repay. Through restructuring, lenders usually extend the repayment tenure, consequently reducing the EMIs. With reduced EMIs, the loan becomes easier to repay, and you do not become a defaulter.

While restructuring is a boon for borrowers facing financial challenges, it is not a good idea in some situations. Here are 5 such situations when loan restructuring would do more harm than good:

  1. When you have existing low-interest generating savings

Restructuring results in a higher interest outgo as you keep on paying interest over an increased tenure. When you have savings whose interest income is lower than the interest expense that you have to pay, it is better to liquidate such savings to pay off …

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The e-book “All Boys Aren’t Blue” is sparking controversy in one Florida college district. Advocacy teams are criticizing the Florida Department of Education for eradicating an anti-bullying webpage from its site, saying the decision will harm LGBTQ students Education Definition